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Plastic Lockers (Standard & Heavy Duty)

Plastic Lockers

These lockers are crafted from high-grade, water-resistant ABS plastic in gray, blue, or tan doors on a dark gray body. The hinges and accessories are stainless steel. Choose from the standard or heavy-duty styles, both of which may be ordered pre-assembled.

Standard Plastic Lockers

  1. Double tier, triple tier, four tier, five tier, eight tier, or ten tier
  2. 12 in.w x 18 in.d
  3. 73-74 in. adjustable height (legs are adjustable)
  4. Set of 1 or 3 lockers

Heavy-Duty Plastic Lockers

  1. Half inch think high-density polyethylene
  2. Single tier, double tier, triple tier, four tier, or six tier box style
  3. 6 ft.h x 18 in.d
  4. Widths of 12 in., 15 in. or 18 in.
  5. Set of 1 or 3 lockers