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Specialty Lockers for Various Applications

Storage Solutions for Businesses

Here you will find one of the largest online selections of lockers made by Salsbury Industries. Our lockers are available in a variety of materials, such as metal, wood, and plastic, and are designed for real-world applications like schools, offices, government facilities, and bulk storage.

Industrial Grade Lockers & Storage Solutions

Shop here for a large and varied selection of industrial grade lockers by Salsbury Industries. Call us if you need assistance finding a product, have questions about a product, or need help placing an order.

Since 1936, Salsbury Industries has been an industry leader. From residential mailboxes to commercial lockers, they are well-known for manufacturing quality products. Here, you will find a wide range of storage solutions; Lockers, cell phone lockers, storage cabinets, locker room benches, and wire shelving, as well as parts and accessories.

Each of these packages comes with their own configuration of accessories and personalization options, which you will find in more detail by filtering your preferences with the drop-down menus at the top of this page, or by simply clicking on any of the icons above that catch your eye. Or, if you’re at the beginning stages of shopping, we can help you narrow down your search with this overview of our products. We’re confident we will help you find the perfect storage solution.

What Type of Storage Solution Do You Need?

Cell Phone Storage

Cell Phone Lockers are perfect for any setting where smaller personal items, such as keys, wallets, tablets, phones, etc. need to be safely stored. Made from heavy-duty aluminum, each cell phone locker door comes standard with a clear plastic cardholder. Additional options include but are not limited to:

  1. Aluminum, bronze, gold or sandstone powder-coated finishes
  2. Master front access panel (Resettable combination locks or master keyed locks)
  3. Depths of 5 in. or 8 in.
  4. Three types of installation mounts
  5. Surface Mount or Recessed Mount
  6. Locker Enclosures

Standard Metal, Wood, and Plastic

Constructed from either metal, plastic, or wood, these lockers are ideal for anything from lunches and purses to full-length garments and large bags. Metal lockers are the most common and are probably what you envision when you think of a set of lockers. However plastic lockers are best suited for high humidity areas like pools or shower rooms. When a more professional look is called for, wood laminate or solid oak wood lockers are a perfect fit. Each type comes with various locking kit options.

Metal Lockers

Choose from gray, tan, or blue powder-coated finishes for your 16 gauge steel metal lockers. These types of lockers come in the Standard, Vented, See-through, Open Access & Gear, Bulk Storage, and Modular styles and may be ordered pre-assembled.

  1. Standard, Vented or See-Through Metal Lockers
  2. Open Access & Gear Metal Lockers
  3. Bulk Storage Metal Lockers
  4. Modular Metal Lockers

Wood Lockers

Choose from industrial grade particleboard or solid oak as the basis for your new wooden lockers. These types of lockers come in Designer, Executive and Open Access & Gear styles and may be ordered pre-assembled. Custom made modular locker sets are also available.

  1. Designer Wood Lockers
  2. Solid Oak Executive Wood Lockers
  3. Open Access & Gear Wood Lockers

Plastic Lockers

These lockers are crafted from high-grade, water-resistant ABS plastic in gray, blue, or tan doors on a dark gray body. The hinges and accessories are stainless steel. Choose from the standard or heavy-duty styles, both of which may be ordered pre-assembled.

  1. Standard Plastic Lockers
  2. Heavy-Duty Plastic Lockers

Storage Cabinets

These cabinets come in metal or wood and are a great solution for stowing items that many people need to access in a central location such as a storage room. Most of these products may be ordered pre-assembled.

  1. Standard Metal Cabinets, Heavy Duty Metal Cabinets or Welded Industrial Storage Cabinets
  2. Designer Wood Cabinets
  3. Military TA-50 Storage Cabinet

Locker Room Benches

It’s all well and good that your things get securely stored away, but where do you put yourself or your bags should the situation call for it? Locker room benches come in Designer Wood, Aluminum, Standard Wood, or ADA compliant designs that match their locker counterparts.

  1. Designer Wood Locker Benches
  2. Aluminum Locker Benches
  3. Standard Wood Locker Benches
  4. ADA Locker Benches

Wire Shelving

These sturdy shelves are constructed of industrial grade welded wire and come in stationary units or mobile units with 5 in. casters. Choose from chrome or black finishes. Individual shelves may be purchased for further storage per unit.

  • Widths of 36 in., 48 in. or 60 in.
  • Heights of 63 in., 69 in., 74 in., or 80 in.
  • Depths of 18 in. or 24 in.
  • Available in unassembled units only

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