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Metal Lockers (for Schools, Businesses, Health & Sports Facilities, etc.)

Standard Metal Lockers

Constructed from either metal, plastic, or wood, these lockers are ideal for anything from lunches and purses to full-length garments and large bags. Metal lockers are the most common and are probably what you envision when you think of a set of lockers. However plastic lockers are best suited for high humidity areas like pools or shower rooms. When a more professional look is called for, wood laminate or solid oak wood lockers are a perfect fit. Each type comes with various locking kit options.


Choose from gray, tan, or blue powder-coated finishes for your 16 gauge steel metal lockers. These types of lockers come in the Standard, Vented, See-through, Open Access & Gear, Bulk Storage, and Modular styles and may be ordered pre-assembled.

Standard, Vented or See-Through Locker

    1. Single tier, double tier, triple tier, four tier, or box styles
    2. Widths of 12 in., 15 in. or 18 in.
    3. Heights of 5 ft. or 6 ft.
    4. Depths of 12 in., 15 in., 18 in., or 21 in.
    5. Set of 1 or 3 lockers

Open Access & Gear Locker

    1. 24 in.w x 72 in.h
    2. Depths of 18 in. or 24 in.
    3. Open-access, standard door or vented door

Bulk Storage Locker

    1. Welded wire and steel frames w/ 1 or 2 doors
    2. Widths 36 in. or 48 in.
    3. Height of 90 in.
    4. Depths of 36 in., 48 in. or 60 in.

Modular Locker

    1. 12 in. or 15 in. cubes
    2. Window or Vented doors
    3. Connected horizontally or vertically w/ hardware
    4. Wall-mounted